Annotating work in the app

Annotate work using the Teacher Planner.

1.  Find the task that you would like to mark

Choose Tasks from the main toolbar and select your task.

2.  View the task information

The icons show with a tick which students have completed the task.

3.  Choose whose work you would like to mark, then select Mark
4.  Use Open In to annotate the work

The student's submission will be displayed on the left hand side of the page. Choose Open In... to select the App with which you would like to annotate the work.

5.  Complete your annotations

Your annotations can be text, notes or a video file.

6.  Export the work back

Choose the Export icon and select Open In...

7.  Choose the Teacher planner app

This will automatically open up the correct task and student for the annotated work to be returned to.

8.  Add your marks and feedback

Choose Add marks and feedback to take you back to the marking page in your Teacher Planner.

We recommend Doc AS for making easy annotations.