Quick tour

The markbook lets you see your student's progress for all the work you set. This article introduces and explains all the main features.

By the time you have looked through this, you should be familiar with navigating and viewing the information in the markbook.

1.  Go to the markbook

Select Markbook from the bar at the bottom of the screen.

2.  View the markbook

You can see all the students for a given class, all the tasks that you have set this class and all the corresponding marks.

Use the arrows to move back and forward in time or jump to the earliest or latest tasks that you set this class.

The blue shading is darker for higher marks and lighter for lower marks. Where there is no numerical mark, the shading is grey.

3.  View markbooks for different classes

Choose Select Class, then select a class from the list.

4.  Select a student

You will be able to see any notes that you have made. You can then select:

  • Add a Note - any note made here will be viewable elsewhere in the app.
  • Marks and Feedback - gives you an immediate view of all the tasks associated with this student. Suitable for showing at parents' evening as only the individual student's marks and feedback are visible (see step 5 below)
  • View profile
5.  View a student's marks and feedback

You can swipe up and down the list of marks. Select Done when you want to go back and choose another student.

6.  View task details

If you select a task you can see more marking detail for each student. You can also select:

  • Highlight - helpful if there are particular key or assessed tasks that you would to make more visible.
  • Toggle Mark - you can choose whether to display the grade, numerical mark or percentage in the markbook.
  • Hide Task - perhaps there is a task that is not important to track in the markbook. You can hide it from the markbook.
  • Go to Task - this option takes you to the task view where you can add marks and feedback and change how the task is shown in the markbook.