Marking work in the app

Mark work using your Teacher Planner.

1.  Find the task that you would like to mark

Choose Tasks from the main toolbar and select your task.

2.  View the task information

The icons show which students have completed the task (tick), which work is already marked but not yet released to the students (green) and which work is marked and has been released to the student (blue).

3.  Choose whose work you would like to mark and select Mark
4.  View the submitted work

If the student has handed in work it will appear on the left. Any annotations that you have made through Open In will also be shown here.

5.  Add feedback

Choose Feedback to add a feedback comment.

6.  Add a mark

Choose Mark to add a mark. This will be displayed to the student as a percentage.

7.  Add a grade or level

Choose Grade/Level to add a level descriptor.

8.  Save your marks

Choose Save or Save and Next to save your marks or to save and go to the next piece of work to be marked.

The marks will be saved and appear in green on your task screen. 

To release the marks to the student, select the student and choose Release.