Configuring staff and parent names

Display salutation, first initial and last name for parents and staff rather than the default full name.

Staff and parents names can be configured to be displayed as:

<Title><First initial><Surname>

  e.g. Mr A Smith, Miss A Smith etc.

This is usually set up with the Firefly Cloud Uploader installation, however you can also configure this at a later date. The settings for this are configured on the school's server where the Cloud Uploader is hosted — usually where the MIS' SQL database is installed.  

  1. Find and open SQLKeyring.config in Notepad or similar (typically found inFireflyclouduploader/Plugins/sqlkeyringpluginfolder).
  2. Add the following line(s) between <variables> and </variables> (if they don't exist, add them between <database> and </database>):
  • For teachers: 
<variable name="login_staff_dispname">Title</variable>
  • For parents (if you have the Firefly Parent Portal):
<variable name="login_parents_dispname">Title</variable>

This change will be visible after the Cloud Uploader runs overnight.