Setting up reports for iSAMS

Set up Firefly so that reports can be uploaded from iSAMS.

These steps are to be followed on the server your Firefly Cloud Uploader is on.

  1. Create a batch file to copy reports from the iSAMS server.This step is required because IIS does not usually have permission to read over the network. If the Cloud Uploader is on the iSAMS server, then you can just use the current location of the reports in the next step.  The reports are in the iSAMS file stored in the folder iSAMS.Files\schoolreports\publishing\parents and can be copied onto any local drive on the Firefly server.
Please note that sharing the network folder from the iSAMS database will not work. 
  1. Create a folder on the Firefly server that will contain the reports (e.g. C:\isams_reports).
  2. Create a .bat file to perform the copy. This file should contain one line. For example:
xcopy /s \\isams\iSAMS.Files\schoolreports\publishing\parents C:\isams_reports
  1. Add a task to the Windows Task Scheduler to run this batch file at 2.00 am every day as a user who has access to the network share. 
  2. Add NETWORK SERVICE (the user that IIS runs as) to the folder's permissions and give it read access.
  3. Open SQLKeyring.config in Notepad or similar. You should find it under C:\FireflyCloudUploader\Plugins\SQLKeyringPlugin\

Make a back-up of the file before proceeding, as a precaution.

  • Within the <variables></variables> element, add the variable for the path to the iSAMS report:
<variable name="report_store_physical_path">C:\isams_reports\</variable>
    Please note that without the trailing slash after isams_report, the reports will not be picked up.

  • After </variables>, add :
<include file='includes\isams-pp-reports-mis.config'/>

Your file should now look like this:

  1. Navigate to the folder containing Firefly Cloud Uploader and run fireflyclouduploader.exe all . This may take quite a while to complete depending on how many reports you have and how large they are.