Setting up reports for SchoolBase

Upload reports to your Firefly site from SchoolBase. This setup takes place on the server with your Firefly Cloud Uploader, usually the SchoolBase server or its SQL server.

  1. Back up sqlkeyring.config. You will typically find it in C:\FireflyCloudUploader\plugins\sqlkeyringplugin\.
  1. Collate the details of your SchoolbaseOnline FTP server into an FTP URL. You will need the server address, a username and password (that will not expire) and the directory your reports are in (probably similar to your username). The reports themselves should be in the "Reports" subfolder of your section of the FTP server. All these details are then put together in a URL of the form: ftp://username:password@server/school_name/Reports/

If you are not running your own FTP server, chances are you are using the one provided by Furlong at

  1. Add the FTP URL into SQLKeyring.config as a variable called reports_physical_path, inside the <variables> element. If you are using SchoolBase's server (and your school is called Maplehill), this should look something like:
<variable name="reports_physical_path">ftp://maplehill:password@</variable>

Your sqlkeyring.config file should now look like this:

  1. From a command prompt, run fireflyclouduploader.exe all.

This may take quite a while to complete depending on how many reports you have and how large they are.