Installing the SIMS Report Uploader

Download and install the SIMS Report Uploader.

The Firefly Report Uploader requires a dedicated SIMS account. It's important that this read-only account is created for the sole use of the Report Uploader. We recommend installing the Report Uploader onto a single PC with access restricted to staff that have equivalent or higher SIMS access. The PC will also require and Microsoft Word version 2010 or later. The Report Uploader should be run manually from this PC each time reports are created in SIMS.

The Report Uploader does not publish reports directly but uploads all new reports from SIMS into the staging area for later publishing. Details of how to manage and publish reports can be found here.

  1. In the Control Panel, select the Plugin Configuration tab then choose Configuration for Attached Files.
  1. In the SIMS tab, select Download the SIMS report uploader.
  1. Enter a SIMS username and password.

This will allow the Report Uploader to access the reports from SIMS.

  1. Select Download the Parent Portal Report Integration Tool to confirm and start downloading the tool.
  2. To run the upload, locate and run the downloaded batch file (.bat).

To prevent the Report Uploader from closing when it is complete, you can run the FireflyReportUploader_SIMS.exe from an already open console window.