Updating the SIMS Report Uploader

Update your SIMS Report Uploader to the latest available version.

In some situations, upon completing these instructions, you may receive an error regarding permissions. The error will instruct you to close any open Word processes and manually delete a temp folder previously created by the Report Uploader. The directory of the temp folder will be provided. Following these instructions will prevent the error from occurring next time the report uploader is run.

  1. In the Control Panel, select the Plugin Configuration tab then choose Configuration for Attached Files.
  1. In the SIMS tab, select Download the SIMS report uploader.
  1. Enter a SIMS username and password.

This will allow the Report Uploader to access the reports from SIMS.

  1. Select Download the Parent Portal Report Integration Tool to confirm and start downloading the tool.
  2. Remove any old copies of the Report Uploader.
  3. To run the upload, locate and run the downloaded batch file (.bat).

If there are any problems, please contact the support team.